This project is dedicated to the creation of a website focused on the four core competencies of management: Planning/Decision-Making, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. Our purpose for the website is to provide ready-accessible information for the researcher to utilize, not only basic information, but a deeper delve into management itself.

Formation: This class has chosen to work as a whole team, broken into four teams to reflect each competency. Each team will be responsible for the layout, textural content, and tools of their particular competency. Each team’s submission will be evaluated and reviewed by the rest of the teammates for helpful critique and cohesiveness throughout the website. Each team will submit at least 1500 words of original text, as well as, a variety of tools such as video, graphics and apps, to provide a more dimensional experience for the end user.

Collaboration: This website will be submitted as one project, though it is understood that part of each participant’s grade will be their original submission of work.


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