a. Text Subject Matter:

  1. Designing Jobs
  2. Departmentalization
  3. Establishing Reporting Relationships
  4. Distributing Authority
  5. Coordinating Activities
  6. Differentiating Positions
  7. Organization Design
  8. Forms of Organization Design
  9. Issues In Organization Design
  10. Change and Innovation

b. Tools

  1. YouTube videos related to delegation
  2. Online Delegation Test
  3. Delegation Flow Chart
  4. Illustrative Delegation Checklist
  5. 2 Blog entries: Driving Technical Change & Successful Downsizing
  6. Text covering three topics: Creative Innovation, Leading Strategic Innovation, Healthcare Innovation
  7. YouTube video—How To Create an Organizing Chart
  8. Delegation Worksheet
  9. YouTube video—Google Tool, Coordination
  10. Google Drive Application
  11. Index of Learning, Styles Test

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