Organization Design

Organization design is the overall set of structural elements and the relationships among those elements used to manage the total organization. Thus organization design is a means to implement strategies and plans to achieve organizational goals.

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By Benjamin Ebby


Distributing Authority

As part of organization activities in management process, managers need to distribute authority to members of their staff and delegate some of their tasks, in a way which will allow them to get more work done.

Authority is power that has been legitimized by the organization. Distributing authority is another normal outgrowth of increasing organizational size.

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Delegation is the process by which managers assign a portion of  their total workload to others.

Griffin (2013-02-01). Management (Page 308). South-Western. Kindle Edition.

How much should leaders delegate?

By Benjamin Ebby

Financial Controls

Involves managing the organizations debt, cash flow and receivables/payables.

Contract Lifecycle Management means different thing to different users some think it’s the automation of the request process to eliminate bottlenecks for legal and sales, others think of it as the negotiation, redline and versioning process and many think it’s the post live execution of active contracts; managing financial terms, delivery of product or service, managing obligations and more. The fact is its all of the above. The true definition includes any process that contributes, creates or utilizes contract data, is part of contract lifecycle management.

By Nathan Phillips