Leadership Type

What Type of Leader will You Be?

This leadership style test will show you where you rank in the characteristics of Ambassador, advocate, people mover, truth seeker, creative builder, an experienced guide. Once you complete the short 30-question test your results and descriptions of the various roles will be provide.

ADVICE: You may not specifically identify with any of the below public figures, and as a leader you will be the embodiment of your own personal style, which will likely be an amalgam of many different types of leadership. Even the figures below cannot be confined by absolutes, but rather their dominant characteristic is described below.

  1. Charismatic –President Obama

Many feel President Obama’s defining characteristic is charisma, and the most apparent example of that was the 2008 presidential campaign. Many people were convinced by the ideas of the president-to-be, but many on the fence were sold by his innate ability to inspire, motivate, and drive people around ideals for change and making a better future for the masses. This inspirational ability is effective, especially when they are surrounded by sound ideals, but charisma can lead people to follow questionable or poor ideas, so even if you have charismatic tendencies, make sure you have sound ideas behind it.

  1. Transformational- Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey

Transformational leaders inspires a fresh way of thinking and no recent example is as apparent as Facebook and Twitter founders, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, respectively. They did not just create a profitable way to connect and share with others over the internet, they revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people think. This type of monumental change requires more than just a single individual, but it takes a leader to impart their new ideals and mission to others. Their employees were challenged to think outside of conventional wisdom and through this leadership they were able to overhaul the way the world connects with each other.

  1. Strategic- Lee Kun Hee (Samsung Chairman)

Lee Kun Hee embodies the qualities of strategic leadership. He took a company know for high volume, but low quality products, to high volume and high quality products. There had to be a vision because the company was already experiencing moderate success. To take a solid company and turn it into the highest revenue producing electronics company was bold and no one would have followed without a strategy that led clearly from point A to point B. It first takes a comprehension of the industry and the forces acting on the organization. With that understanding it is then possible to look advance into new markets and product lines as sound plans are laid down. The more a leader understands about their business, the more they can affect change for the better.

Cross-Cultural and Ethical Leadership

Regardless of what type or how a leader you are, without having your leadership grounded in ethical and cultural principals you will struggle to succeed. In today’s global market being able to integrate and understand various cultures is a must. Ethics would seem obvious, but after disasters in companies such as Enron, being grounded in ethics is a must.

By Kevin Dancy


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