Organizational Plans

Managers use three major types of planning to accomplish corresponding organizational goals. Each one is a layer supporting the one above and as such, managers at multiple levels, must work together to ensure that each plan works in harmony to support the others.


Strategic plans are geared toward achieving the strategic, or high level, goals for the organization. The following video gives an overview of the strategic planning process.

Do you want to know where your organization currently stands compared to high-growth companies? The following website is geared toward business owners with more than 5 employees and their department managers. It will give a red, amber, or green assessment in seven different categories. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is one tool that can be used to identify the internal and external factors that influence and impact your organization. The following video will show you how to perform an effective SWOT analysis for your organization.

Do you want a template to help you lay out your own strategic business plan? This document will do just that.


Tactical plans are developed to address specific areas of the strategic plan. Mid-level managers must realize that their tactical plans do not stand independently, but must be coordinated with other tactical plans of the organization. Are you confused between strategic and tactical plans? The following video will help you decide if you are struggling with strategic planning or tactical planning.

Is your business struggling with a strategy problem or is it tactical?

Now that you know if you need to focus on tactical planning or strategic planning the following video will give you 5 key insights to effective planning.

Do you need help actually developing your tactical business plan? If so this website should help, giving you a template and 5 simple steps to creating your own plan.


Operational plans are developed to address specific areas of the tactical plan. Lower level managers develop very narrowly focused plans that fall within two categories, single-use plans, and standing plans. Single-use plans are just as they sound, developed to achieve a specific goal that is nonrecurring. These are accomplished using programs and projects. Standing plans such as policies, standing operating procedures (SOP), and rules and regulations are plans developed for situations of an ongoing nature. The following video will show you how to develop an operations plan for your business.

Do you need help creating an operating plan? This tool can help.

By Kevin Waldroup 


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