Organizational Goals

Why should your organization set goals? To start, they get everyone in your organization moving in the same direction. Once they know where the organization is headed and the importance of getting there managers can develop functional plans. Given goals, and plans to support them, members of your organization will be more motivated, and that should be rewarded. Goals also give management the ability to evaluate the successes and failures of their efforts and also set new goals. Strategic Strategic goals are set by the CEO and supporting board of directors for the organization. They generally cover a length of time spanning multiple years, and benefit the entire organization, rather than a specific department or project. Tactical Tactical goals are set by midlevel management and are set to for a department to support the strategic goals of the organization. These goals are often set for a time period longer than one year. Operational Operational level goals are set by lower-level managers and generally focus on narrow and specific ways to achieve an aspect of a tactical plan. These are usually accomplished in a year or less.

By Kevin Waldroup 


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