Five Minute Profile

An Interview With Chad Dohlen

There are good managers and then there are good managers who are great leaders. I had the privilege of working for Chad Dohlen, Director of Client Services at Volt Workforce, twelve years ago. He is still a valuable mentor and exudes what great leadership is. Here are a few of his tips on management:

When it comes to the three types of managerial power; reward, coercive and referent, which do you see as the most effective?

Coercive power is the least effective; depending on the person, reward power is somewhat effective, but the most effective is referent power.

How do you manage communication with your various reports? Is there a style that works well with everyone or is it situational?

I think it is situational. I tend to do more face-to-face, or phone if necessary, communication v. email. Face-to-face is my number one form of communication. You can see body language and they can see yours. Email communication creates a lot of room for interpretation. I typically tend to communicate and over communicate. Just because you have over communicated, doesn’t mean that everyone necessarily understands or comprehends the message and so I need to over communicate.

How much information from the top down do you feel is your obligation to communicate to your team?

I need to communicate as much from the top down as possible. Of course, there are certain things that are confidential. Sometimes it is “not what we say, but what we don’t say”.

Interview conducted July 31, 2013 by Lisa Landis 


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